a dream holiday in ronda

Incredible places in Spain
Can you imagine a city situated in the middle of a canyon, completely surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery? Well, this is Ronda, an incredible location in Spain and a great destination for a holiday. The distance between Ronda and Marbella is just 60 kilometres and the route will take you through narrow streets guarded by the mountains with a breathtaking landscape that cannot fail to impress anyone who is fond of nature and the great outdoors.
Attractions in Ronda
Ronda hosts one of the few bullrings in Spain that is constructed entirely from stone, together with many historic monuments, some dating back to the Moorish occupation of not only this city but indeed most other regions of Spain. Visit the beautiful Arabian baths and palaces, built during this period, and discover the sheer architectural genius of the Moors. Learn about the development of Ronda from the pre-historic cave paintings; visit the old part of the city where there is a Roman amphitheatre, a spectacular monument that has managed to survive throughout the centuries and is extremely well preserved up to the present day. Adding these monuments to your sightseeing list will not disappoint.
Ronda is surrounded by interesting and pretty villages that have struggled to keep the traditional spirit of Spain alive. Go on daily trips to some of them in order to experience the fantastic customs and traditions of the country; you are guaranteed a wonderful time. Among the most beautiful is Hoya de Malaga, a village surrounded by a green valley and high mountain peaks which offer spectacular views. Pizzara is the village that hosts an impressive collection of artisan objects typical of the Andalusia region, as well as rustic furniture dating back to the 18th century.
Many famous writers and celebrities have found their inspiration in Ronda including Ernest Hemingway, George Eliot and Orson Welles all of whom visited the area frequently, particularly the old quarter of the town.